Welcome to Bitmaster! Established in 1992, we are the oldest computer store in Helsinki operating under the same name and at the same location.

Located in the Punavuori district of Helsinki, our computer store is here to assist you with all your home and business computer needs, whether it be upgrading your hardware, purchasing a new computer or software, or repairing your computer. Our changing selection of products ensures that you can find individual new or used components and computers in our store.

If your hardware requires maintenance, you can bring your computer or peripheral device to our skilled technicians for repair. When you purchase a new computer, we will transfer your data and settings from your old computer to your new one, saving you the hassle of transferring data and settings on your own.

Welcome to Bitmaster, and thank you for choosing us as your computer store!

Common maintenance tasks include:

  • Windows not starting up
  • Fan not working or making loud noise
  • Power connector broken or intermittent
  • Hard drive broken or slow
  • Internet not working
  • No display or computer shutting down immediately
  • Hinges broken or loose
  • Display broken or cracked
  • Keyboard not working or missing letters
  • Computer unstable or freezing
  • Computer running slow
  • Viruses, malware
  • Charger not working
  • Laptop overheating or not turning on.