Acer Service

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Are you having an issue with your Acer laptop or PC? No matter how good the quality of a computer is, with time all of them can develop problems. Laptops especially are susceptible to general wear and tear.

We repair all Acer brand laptops and desktops. We can also supply parts for Acer computers.

Common issues in Acer Aspire, Travelmate, Extensa, Predator, Nitro, Timeline and One laptops:


  • windows doesn't start
  • fan doesn't work, or is very noisy
  • power connector is broken
  • hard drive has failed
  • can't connect to the internet
  • no picture on screen
  • hinges are broken
  • screen is cracked
  • keyboard isn't working
  • computer crashes or freezes
  • machine is very slow
  • malware, adware, or virus
  • charger doesn't work

Whatever the problem, we will repair your Acer computer in a timely and professional manner.

Ask us for a quick Acer repair service!






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