Parts Of A Computer And Their Functions

A computer has several different components, each of which performs a specific task for the operation of the computer. Below is a list of the most common computer components:

Processor (CPU) - performs computer programs and calculations.
Motherboard - connects all computer components together.
Memory (RAM) - temporarily stores data and programs used by the computer.
Hard drive (HDD or SSD) - permanently stores data used by the computer, such as the operating system and saved files.
Graphics card (GPU) - processes and displays computer graphics and videos.
Network card - enables the computer to connect to the internet and other networks.
Sound card - processes computer audio and enables sound playback.
Power supply - provides the computer with the necessary electrical power to operate.

There are also other computer components, such as CD/DVD drives, cooling fans, and USB ports. Different computers may also contain different components depending on their purpose and price range.

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